Beyond Bread | Brewed
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Beyond Bread baristas are constantly exploring the craft of coffee – from perfecting their espresso technique, to sampling coffee from a variety of Western Canadian roasters to bring you our favorite coffees available. The result is that we offer a seasonally rotating single origin drip coffee. Then for espresso, we serve our house blend from Social Coffee – a full flavored coffee with hints of chocolate, berries and caramel. Additionally, we offer a rotating feature espresso from a selection of our favorite roasters such as Phil & Sebastien and Transcend Coffee. All these coffees we also carry for retail for you to enjoy at home. In addition to using great tasting coffee, we strive to source and support fair-trade, organic coffee that uses sustainable farming practices.



Drip | 2.25

French Press | 4.00

Espresso | 3.25

Retail Coffee Beans Available in Store

Phil & Sebastion |20

Social Coffee |17


If you are interested in serving our coffee at your business or even in your home, our beans are available for retail. If you’d like to learn more about selling your product at Beyond Bread, please contact us.



Beyond Bread is always looking forward to meeting new people & we get especially excited when meet someone with similar ideas & spirit to ours. If you are a barista with unique personality & are passionate about coffee, food and community-contact us.