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Starting with a simple base of organic flour, water & salt, our breads are naturally leavened and hand-shaped with care. They are tucked lovingly into our ovens at dawn, baked every day, and available as early as your morning coffee.



One of the old favorites at Beyond Bread, this naturally leavened whole-wheat loaf delivers a thick crust, moist dense crumb and mild sourdough flavor. Made with 100% whole-wheat flour and just a touch of rye $5|7|13




Our own take on an old tradition. A special blend of white, rye and whole-wheat flour developed with careful fermentation to bring you an open honeycomb-structured crumb, medium sour flavor and a light, shattering crust $3.75



Simple yet delicious. This is our classic white sourdough with just the right amount of rye and whole-wheat to keep things interesting. Fermented slowly over-night to unlock the full flavor and texture potential of our organic flour the country loaf is a true all-rounder; perfect for sandwiches, soup or toast it packs a sour flavor, crisp dark crust and soft open crumb. $6.50



A traditional light rye loaf incorporating soaked cracked rye grains with a dark rye sourdough culture and organic white flour. A versatile loaf offering delicate and mild rye flavors with a soft, open crumb $5|7.50



To create our multigrain loaves we first soak and then slowly bake a delicious combination of millet, sesame, sunflower and flax seeds along with oat, barley and rye flakes, unlocking the full flavor of each ingredient while encouraging enzymatic activity to aid digestion. Combined with 100% organic whole-wheat flour this dough is then naturally leavened with a dark rye starter and, once baked, boasts a thick crust, full-flavor and extremely moist, tender crumb $5|7.50




A lean, rustic loaf with thin chewy crust and extremely light, open crumb. Creating our ciabatta involves a slow 16-hour pre-fermentation process for a delicious full flavor $5.50



As with the ciabatta but topped with pure olive oil, dried rosemary and natural sea salt flakes. Need we say more? $4|7.50



A white, yeast-assisted sourdough loaf with rolled oats and cornmeal. Flax, sesame, poppy, pumpkin and sunflower seeds are then soaked overnight and incorporated into the dough to create a soft and wholesome tin loaf perfect for sandwiches. The addition of seeds not only enhances texture but also offers a naturally delicious source of protein $5.50|7.50



Our country sourdough with the delicious addition of chopped organic figs and walnuts $7.50




Made famous by Parisian baker Lionel Poilane these are the gentle giants of the bread world. Weighing in at whopping 3kg our Miche are big, bold and baked beautifully dark. To add our own twist we’ve incorporated Canadian Red Fife flour and organic cornmeal to create an incredibly moist, airy crumb and balanced, full-flavor. Available for sale by the quarter.



This hearty pan-loaf pays homage to Rugbrød – the traditionally dense, dark rye bread native to Denmark. These loaves bristle with a rich selection of seeds and sprouted grains generously hydrated with buttermilk, dark beer and liquid malt. As wholesome as it is versatile and best enjoyed in extra thin slices with any selection of cured meats, cheeses, pickles or preserves.




Organic, hand-made and available every Saturday. Bagels come as is, or coated with either poppy or sesame seeds. Pretzels come as delicious and are made everyday!


Our bread is served in different restaurants & cafes around Vancouver & we are available to bake large orders for special occasions. If you are interested in using our bread for your business or event, please contact us.



Beyond Bread is always looking forward to meeting new people & we get especially excited when we meet someone with similar ideas & spirit to ours. If baking, food & coffee are things that you can be passionate about-contact us.